Bienvenidos to Tortilla Maker, the first tortilla bakery of its kind in the National Capital Region of Canada.

Come enjoy the authentic experience of a traditional Mexican tortillería right here in Ottawa. Here you can see how nixtamal tortillas are made from corn grain, feel their fresh, hard-to-resist aroma and buy them steaming hot off the tortilla presses.

If tortilla chips are your thing, you will not be disappointed. Tortilla Maker also sells freshly-made corn totopos. Make sure to pair them up with our original line of homemade salsas – Salsas Carlota – including our homemade guacamole. Try our recipes available on our website and social media channels.

Our artisan corn tortillas are 100% natural (no added preservatives, additives or artificial flavours), salt and are gluten-free thanks to the millenary tortilla-making technique known as nixtamalization, a method by which maize kernels are turned into tortilla dough using water, heat and food-grade hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide). The word nixtamalization originates from the Mexican indigenous language of Náhuatl, in which nextli means ashes and tamali unformed maize dough.

The process of nixtamalization significantly improves the nutritional value of maize. The dry kernels are cooked and steeped in water and lime, then rinsed to remove the outer kernel cover (pericarp) and milled to produce the dough. Come see for yourself how it’s done in our tortilla bakery!

This traditional method leads to a wide range of nutritional benefits, including increased intake of calcium, fiber, iron and vitamin B3 niacin.

Having cravings yet? Drop by our tortillería, it’s the only remedy!

Let Tortilla Maker be your next stop today!

Miguel Angel Jiménez Reyes

Founder and President
Artisan de Tortilla/ Tortilla Maker of Canada Corporation

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